Creation of pictograms and illustrations for the Neo-Nomade's website.

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The project

Neo-nomade is a platmore for searching and booking collaborative and flexible workspaces. To function, it requires the workspace and coworking spaces to affiliate to the platform. In order to make the process of signing up more automated and easier to use, they created a fun system called onboarding.

The brief

The Neo-Nomade team asked me to work on the illustrations of their platform. I therefore realized for them a set of pictograms and illustrations to fullfil their needs: making learning how to use the platform for workspace managers more fun.

The pictograms

In order to illustrate the different coworking space types that a manager can choose from, I realized a set of pictrograms depicting the six places references by neo-nomade.

It was crucial to keep the coherence with the current graphic standards of the platform, while adding a bit of modernity.


I crafted a set of illustrations to illustrate each step of the affiliation process and thus better guide the users.

These illustrations highlight: work space configuration, activation of a post, ownership transfer, dashboard configuration, release and launch of the work space on the platform.