Guide touristique 2.0

Development, UI Design, Visual identity

UX and UI design of the web app.

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The project

Born from my collaboration with Caroline Dubois, this app was meant to offer suggestions and ideas to go out in Lyon and (re)discover the city. It intented to do so while optimizing your time and supporting local economy.

Log in / Sign up

The first two screens that a user would see would allow them to sign in or sign up.

To ease their way through our app, we offered the choice to sign up with their social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, ...). All of this was done within the guidelines of our visual identity.

Choice of an adventure

The first screen allows to choose the type of adventure among, for instance, crazy weekend as a couple, unplanned train connection, exotic shopping, ...

It is also possible to access the highlight of the day, hand-chosen from one of our adventures.

The second screen allows to dive deeper in personalization by choosing from one of the branching adventures. For example, from the weekend in Lyon adventure stems different paths: landmarks, curiosities, surroundings, ...

Fine-tuning the adventure

It is now time for the user to really make the adventure their own.

For any given adventure, the app will suggest a default set of activities and locations, e.g. having breakfast by the townhall, one activity in the morning, a lunch on a peniche boat, a digestive walk to the top of Fourvière and a romantic diner in one the intimistic restaurant of the St-Jean neighborhood.

From there, the user can add one or more activities in the morning and the afternoon using the provided "+" button. They can also compare travel times for different means of transportation. Having selected a weekend adventure they can add one or even two extra days and configure them however they like, or use our suggestions. At any time, the user can indeed swap activities , provided the suggested ones don't suit them.

In addition, the user can follow the adventure journey on a map.

Focus page and recap

The user can have a look at the focus page which provides details about a given location or activity.
On this page the user can also grade, comment, save and share a location, as well as reach them.

Once satisfied with the adventure, the user can validate it and is then presented with a recap of the trip.
The adventure can now be synchronized with the phone's calendar, saved, printed and shared.

By clicking on "access itinerary", the adventure can be opened into the native GPS navigation which will guide the user.


Prior to designing the application, I have used various UX methods (focus groups, surveys, ...) to create typical user profiles (personas). These personas later guided my thoughts process.


To represent each kind of adventure, I designed a couple of animated illustrations.